The Master of Arms

Demo is Available in SideQuest

Oculus Quest用に開発中のVRゲームです. 敵が飛ばしてくる武器を掴みとったり, 薙ぎ払ったり, 避けたり, 投げ返したりするアーケードゲーム風ゲームをコンセプトとしています. Oculus Start Member として開発中です.

The Master of Arms is a VR Arcade Game under development for OculusQuest. You dodge and steal arms that an enemy throws, knock off the arms with stolen arms and throw back to the enemy. A powerful arm will threaten you, on the other hand it a chance to get a great weapon.
Though you can keep holding on stolen arms for defense, you better throw these continuously to get you in the top rankings. Defeat the enemies, steal these powers and be The Master of Arms.

こんな感じで飛んでくる武器を掴んで, 攻撃や防御を行います. 武器にはホーミング機能があり, レーザーポインタで追尾する相手を決めています.

Left movie shows a player view during Trial-Alpha Stage. The Player catches flying arms, and attacks and defences with the arms.

Homing Blade

Blade Flying and Homing at Target.

This sword flies at a target automatically.
You can set the target with pointing its laser and pulling its trigger.
When the sword hits too slowly, it can not damage anything.

Hornet Sword

Sword Floating Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee.

This sword thrusts straight at a target.
You can set the target with pointing its laser and pulling its trigger.
After you release it, the sword floats for a few seconds before thrusting.

Satellite Shield

Satellite Rotating around You and Cutting others.

This Shield flies along with a circle.
During pulling its trigger, radius of the circle increases.

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